Ambition Gap Paris Agreement

King, L.C. – van den Bergh, J.C J.M. Normalization of the Paris NDC agreement on improving transparency and destogenicity. approximately. Res. Lett. 14, 84008 (2019). A gradual increase in ambition – a reduction 20% below the level set in the NDC`s current 2030 targets – would render the temperature target of 1.5 degrees Celsius out of reach. If ambitious ambitions were gradually strengthened beyond 2030, warming would exceed 2 degrees Celsius. To bring the NdCs to the 1.5oC limit, ambitions for the period up to 2030 and beyond need to be transformatively improved. This means a collective improvement in ambitions, which translates into a 50% reduction from 2030 emission levels, which are implicit in current NPNs. This ambitious level should be part of long-term strategies to enable sustainable emission reductions in the coming decades. Weyant, J.

Integrated Climate Change Assessment: An Overview and Comparison of Approaches and Outcomes. (1995). The report shows that exceeding the 1.5oC target can no longer be avoided if the NDC`s ambitions are not immediately strengthened and supported by measures. However, the chapter also shows that there are now more opportunities and incentives than ever for ambitious climate change action, i.e. renewable energy is the cheapest source of energy in most parts of the world and that battery costs are falling, providing a solid basis for improving NDC ambitions. Tavoni, M. et al. Climate agreement after 2020 in the major economies assessed in light of global models. Nat. Clim.

Amendment 5, 119-126 (2015). By way of comparison, the IPCC Special Report of 1.5oC estimated emission levels for 2030 at 52-58 GtCO2e for NDCs, this added up an emission gap of approximately 28 GtCO2e between the funds of these two domains compared to the 25-30 GtCO2e compatible 2030 compared to the 25-30 GtCO2e 1.5oC. The Paris climate agreement aims to keep global warming below 2 degrees Celsius above pre-industrial levels and to continue efforts to limit the increase in temperature to 1.5 degrees Celsius. Although this goal is formulated at the global level, the success of the agreement depends decisively on the implementation of climate policy at the national level.

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