Caldwell First Nation Settlement Agreement

All Members of Caldwell First Nation of voting age have the right to use their right to vote on proposed transaction and trust agreements. Duckworth was first elected in 2018 and retired later that year. She ran and won a by-election to fill the vacancy in 2019. In September 2020, the Council issued a confidential memo to members explaining why it reinstated the chief. The first domain took nine years to pass it, while about a third of the group`s ownership is either in the process of addition or ready to enter. You can acquire up to 2,646 hectares. «We have been neighbours for more than two centuries. When the first European settlers arrived in this part of the world, our ancestors were already there. We have contractual relationships with the Crown that date back to the 1760s – treaties that provide for a clear and respectful political relationship based on mutual peace, respect and support. Under these treaties, our men fought in all the wars the Crown asked of us, from the American War of Independence and the War of 1812 to the two world wars and the Korean War. We propose to apply these principles to each question. We hope that these ideas will help us work on concrete agreements that will guide our relations for the future.

Caldwell First Nation, which has 360 members, lived in the lush, biodiverse marshes of Point Pelee – now a national park – when European settlers and fur traders began to filter to the Great Lakes region. Only four of the 196 members of the group who voted for ratification this weekend voted against the compensation and agreement agreement. Perkins said the development of housing for community members who wish to retire was a priority. She said the First Nation now owns more than 30 properties and 690 hectares in the area, purchased with $105 million of property reached with Canada in 2010. «If we can get them through the ATR process, I think we`ll have a big urban reserve and I think we`ll get to that 30-year timeline,» Perkins said. «It`s unfortunate that it took us 10 years to get the first property through the process, but we did, and it`s a great success for our nation.» If anyone asks me to define self-determination and good leadership, I will refer to Chief Larry Johnson and the Caldwell First Nation. Subsequently, Chief Johnson will move forward by creating reserves and new steps toward self-determination for the Caldwells «to create a fair future for our children and grandchildren.» «Caldwell would like to pay tribute to the former chiefs and councils for their hard work in completing the land settlement, acquiring land and developing the application for reserve status,» said Mr. Coun. Stan Scott in the press release. «Thanks to Caldwell`s perseverance in our convictions, the next seven generations will finally have a place to go home.» The settlement agreement would become final as soon as it was ratified by the Caldwell First Nation and then signed by the First Nation Council and Council and the Minister of Indian Affairs and Northern Development. The trust agreement would become final as soon as it was ratified by the Caldwell First Nation vote and signed by Chief, Council und Trustees of the First Nation.

Drainage – We recognize that drainage is an important issue in low-lying agricultural countries. We are ready to reach an agreement with the municipality regarding the identification and management of existing drainage works and the construction or modification of future drainage works. In principle, we should agree on maintaining existing drainage – and that if drainage works on our reserve, the responsibility for its maintenance lies both financially and legislatively. Any proposed changes to drainage should be issues in which we would inform each other, more or less as required by this provincial drainage act.

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