Rental Lease Agreement Nova Scotia

For more information on how to terminate an annual or temporary rental agreement due to domestic violence, please contact the nearest Victim Service office, or at 1-888-470-0773 free of charge. For information on the location of victim services offices in Nova Scotia, please click here. Landlords and tenants must sign a consent form if they have an existing tenancy agreement and if they wish to accept the distribution of rental documents on the other side by email. It is illegal for landlords to ask tenants to provide money for keys. The only money tenants can collect is a deposit as well as the first month`s rent; However, post-J.C. tenants may be charged a fee if they lock themselves in their unit and require new keys to be issued, provided that this fee is mentioned somewhere in the tenancy agreement. If you live in a home produced in a country rental community, you do not need a certificate of domestic violence. You can use the conditions that are already stagnant in the rental agreement to terminate your tenancy agreement at the same time as the domestic violence certificate process (1 month). For more information, click here. Record the status of a rental unit at the beginning and end of a lease (leasing) using the reference report form for the rental unit. The lessor is required to disclose the case or hold a hearing. Mediation and hearings are all ways of resolving disputes. If the mediation option is chosen, both parties will attempt to reach an agreement and, at that time, they will have to sign a negotiated agreement which is a binding contract between the two parties.

If the hearing continues, the lessor and tenant will be interviewed and they will be able to provide evidence to support their case. A rental agent finally renders the final verdict by naming one or both parties. The landlord must translate the court order into an eviction order that only the sheriff`s office can enforce. There may be some delays in obtaining the eviction order if the tenant submits the agent`s decision to the Small Claims Court. Due to recent changes to the Residential Rent Act, rent is automatically granted to each tenant with a periodic lease, which means that their tenancy agreement cannot be terminated without the landlord`s valid reason. A tenant can continue to terminate their own tenancy agreement. There is no rent control in Nova Scotia without finished homes (formerly mobile homes) and land rental communities (formerly mobile home parks). Owners set rental prices for their units. Landlords, regardless of the type of residential rental unit, can only increase the rent once every 12 months and are required to send a written notice to the tenant 4 months before the anniversary of the lease.

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