Tampa Fire Rescue Collective Bargaining Agreement

TAMPA, Fla. — After a two-year legal battle, the city of Tampa failed to convince a judge to overturn the arbitration verdict that reinstated a lieutenant of the late Tampa who was fired for submission. The man agreed to go to the hospital, but when Johnson continued his medical examination, the man told him that he did not want to kill himself and that he did not want to leave. Johnson then admitted to the referee that he «never intended to take the patient to the hospital.» Instead, Johnson invited the man into the emergency vehicle and ordered a suspected firefighter to «spill the block until the TPD officer is gone,» and then returned to the motel to drop the man off. Her mother was not given the opportunity to go to the hospital, so she asked Johnson if she could drive her daughter to the back of the ambulance. Johnson refused to transport the mother and an argument broke out in tears between both the young patient and the mother. Johnson eventually told the mother, «If she wanted to go to the hospital, she had to get in the ambulance because they left,» the court case says. In a concession to police and fire unions, Buckhorn devised a bill for review in the next Parliament that, if approved, would retroactively increase benefits for the families of police officers and firefighters killed in service to 65 per cent of the annual home-take salary at the time of employee adoption. Currently, the city pays 50 percent. The ATU ATU Employee of the Month program was born out of a collaboration between ATU Local 1464 President Stephen Simon and City Council President Luis Viera.

Our first awards ceremony took place on Thursday 3.03.19 at the city council. This will continue every two months. The employees of the ATU Local 1464 bargaining unit are recognized for the hard work we do. Click on «ATU of the Month» above for more information. Former Mayor Pam Iorio, facing similar budgetary challenges, froze cost-of-living and stage/wage plans in fiscal 2010, leading to a police union complaint about unfair labour practices and found itself abroad with other unions. During her last year in office, she has taken up phased plans that will be awarded to police and firefighters during her tenure. The City also agreed to increase tuition reimbursement for additional training and advanced diplomas to $2,000 for police officers and firefighters, up from $1,700 per year. On Tuesday, Mayor Bob Buckhorn said he was confident firefighters would accept the terms of the contract, which has been sought over the past four months in personal talks between the mayor, his leaders and union representatives. The City of Tampa now has 30 days to appeal the court`s decision that upheld an independent arbitrator`s decision that, according to the union`s collective agreement, was «final and binding.» He did not want to speculate on why the union members rejected the agreement.

Kohan said union negotiators agreed to forgo the increase in the cost of living in the contract in exchange for maintaining so-called step-by-step plan increases for about 300 firefighters who had qualified for higher pay for education and other concessions. Tampa firefighters, who voted on the proposed contract for the past week, rejected it with a tally of 149 in favor of the contract and 192 against, said Jace Kohan, secretary and treasurer of the International Association of Firefighters Local 754, which represents the city`s firefighters.

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