Generic Data Sharing Agreement

European data protection authorities have found that Amazon`s contractual privacy protection for its enterprise cloud customers complies with current EU standards for international data transfer. Overview: the prohibitions on the dissemination of data vary from complete prohibitions, non-disclosure, unless authorised by the institution, to the need to know the transmission by the contractor`s staff, etc. May also require the signing of a confidentiality agreement. School Life allows you to create online forms to collect information. Some of this information may be personal and/or sensitive. The collected data is sent to an e-mail address provided by the school and may be exported by you and transferred to other databases or online systems. The extent of personal data shared with these systems depends on the requirements of each part 3 and you must have an explicit DSA for this purpose with each partner. School Life has a number of internal physical and procedural controls over access to your data within the organization and only provides access to those employees of our company who are necessary to maintain and provide the School Life service for you. The model is designed to be widely applicable, but some aspects of the agreement may need to be modified to meet certain requirements.

We would be delighted to have comments on this draft, as we are trying to adapt a version of the proposed legislation – please give your opinion via our contact form. The online forms you manage can contain as many custom fields as you want. These fields are generic, they can be text fields, control boxes, date selections, or selection lists. You can label these fields. School Life has no control over what you use these fields for. At the top of the form design page, a warning will remind you to consider any personal or confidential information you collect using the forms. In order to use the School Life platform, you must understand and accept this agreement. This document applies in addition to your DSA with any 3rd party. You need to make sure that you have an appropriate DSA for one in three people. This DSA does not contain any guarantee. Full details of Amazon`s overall approach to data security are available at: You can create users (parents, students, and employees) who can register on the school`s website and ios mobile app and Android School Life and view user-specific data. Options are available to control the level of data access for a user.

It is your responsibility to take into account this level and the type of access that each of your users will have. All School Life data is hosted by Amazon VPC: The draft model was designed to help government authorities establish agreements to exchange data securely, in a timely manner, and transparently. The model is based on the National Data Commissioner`s best practice guide on the application of data sharing principles. . . .

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