India China Agreement 2012

In fact, the understanding you mentioned, obtained at the EUSR meeting in 2012, could serve as a footnote on China. This means that tri-junction was decided in the 1890 Convention. The top Chinese diplomat said the «bone of contention is not what is in the 2012 agreement, but what is in the 1890 Convention.» Signed in Beijing on 7 September 1993, available in the contract database of the Chinese Ministry of Foreign Affairs (AMF) in English, Chinese and Hindi. All three texts have the same validity. A copy in English is also available in the UN Peacemaker database. According to a summary on the UN Peacemaker website, this agreement provides «the framework for border security between the parties until the final decision on border demarcation is taken.» The parties agree to «minimize the armed forces in areas along the Line of Effective Control» and to «reduce military personnel», which are compatible with friendly and good relations between them. (Article 2) They also agree to implement confidence-building measures along the control of the LAC, including by pre-announcing «military exercises of certain levels close to the line of effective control authorised by this Agreement». (Art. .

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