Office 365 Service Level Agreements

At the time, this was an important step forward for cloud services, as it marked the point where it could be credbably claimed that at least some cloud services had matured to the point of offering a better SLA than was possible for on-premises systems. Microsoft does not specifically cover Microsoft Team uptime or interrupt Office 365 service availability. However, you are talking publicly here about the office 365 up-and-running life as a whole. Unplanned service incidents are defined as customer service interruptions that impact service usage in accordance with our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) and have been reported as such in the service health dashboard. G Suite offers a 99.9% Service Level Agreement (SLA) for covered services, and in recent years we`ve exceeded that promise. In 2013, Gmail achieved 99.978% uptime. In addition, G Suite has no downtime or maintenance windows planned. Unlike most vendors, we don`t expect our apps to be unavailable, even if we update our services or wait for our systems. Google Cloud Platform has an SLA of 99.95%, Google BigQuery Service and the default storage class of Google Cloud Storage have an SLA of 99.9%, with the exception of Google Cloud Storage`s available durable storage category, which has an SLA of 99%. Note that after recovery from catastrophic exits, it may take some time before the full data center redundancy for the service is restored. For example, if Data Center 1 goes down, resource services are restored in Data Center 2. .


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