Tenancy Agreement

There are a number of things you can include in a secure short-term rental agreement. Our proposal includes: most leases are automatically guaranteed that short-term leases will be concluded. It`s probably this type of lease if: If you don`t have a guaranteed short-term rental agreement that you`re currently using for your real estate, you can download the template provided by Farillio. The Scottish private lease came into force in 2017. It aims to provide landlords with appropriate safeguards while allowing tenants to live in a more predictable and stable way. We`ve partnered with Farillio to offer you a free template for a secure short-term rental – something every landlord should consider. Download your free detailed guide on the different types of rentals in the UK. Get immediate access to expert advice and guidance by clicking a few buttons. This is another one you probably won`t use. It was a form of lease used before 1989, and it was a long-term lease in which tenants were entitled to a fair rent, set by the Valuation Office Agency. .

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