Subject Verb Agreement Exercise Practice

These words always take the plural form of the verb: the subject-verb agreement is one of the first things you learn in English class: 15. Mathematics (is, are) John`s favorite subject, while civics (is, are) Andreas` favorite subject. These questions are also singular, although they speak of a group of people. Combine the following sentences with an appropriate form of the verb in parentheses. During this English lesson, you will learn some more advanced cases of subject-verb concordance that baffl many learners. These words are irregular plural nouns (nouns that are not made by adding -s) and they take the plural form of the verb: choose the correct form of the verb that corresponds to the subject. Note: In British English, «family» and «team» are often plural. 2. Either my mother or my father (is, are) come to meet. «I don`t know if there`s anyone in the office right now.» 16. Eight dollars (is, are) today the price of a film.

4. The chief, like his brothers, belongs to the same tribe. 8. Man with all the birds (live, live) on my way. «Half of the students come from another country.» «Some students are not going to succeed.» 20. The committee (debates, debates) examines these issues carefully. 21. The members of the commission (directing, directing) live very differently in private. 9. The children and their mothers are missing. 6.

Brothers and their sister are good at their studies. 22. The Prime Minister (greets, greets) with his wife the press cordially. 3. A dictionary and an atlas are missing from the library. 5. George and Tamara (not, not) want to see this movie. 4. Either my shoes or your coat (is, are) always on the floor. 9.

The movie, including all previews, (take, takes) about two hours to watch. 19. There were fifteen candies in that bag. Now there is only one!. 23. All CDs, even scratched, are in this case. «How do you react when someone compliments you?» «40% of people don`t support the new law.» 7. The students, accompanied by their teacher, had a picnic. 2.

Many mangoes and bananas are available this season. «In general, men don`t like to buy clothes.» 7. One of my sisters is on a trip to France. These words can be singular OR plural depending on what follows! There is a debate about the word «data»! Technically, the data is plural (the singular form is «date»). However, in everyday language, people often treat «data» as «information» – as countless nouns that adopt the singular form. Both forms are therefore correct: «The data is correct» and «The data is correct». To learn more about the «data debate», click here and here. «Many of the houses in this neighborhood don`t have a garage.» 10. The players, as well as the captain, (want, want) win. To talk about a single member of the police, we can say police officers or police officers – or the term gender-neutral police officer. ..


Startup Company Operating Agreement

In an article published on her website, lawyer Cesery L. Bullard married corporate agreements with plans for companies. These documents are mainly used for LLCs and are only needed in certain states like California and New York. «The main advantage of a company agreement. is clear,» said Marcus Harjani, co-founder of FameMoose. «The agreement distills understanding of the work between these LLC owners and provides more clarity by anticipating the common problems that arise when operating a business and. `a concise and explicit agreement to resolve these issues in writing.` While you don`t have to submit your company agreement to a government office like the Minister of Foreign Affairs, you should have it certified notarized and then keep it in a safe place. The company agreement should remain confidential, but each member should be given a copy. Many startups opt for the creation of limited liability companies, often without considering in detail the many possible effects.

One way to describe the common problems of entrepreneurs who have created LLCs may be: «An eruption of unintended consequences.» Among the positive points of LLCs are flexibility (an LLC is a creature of the contract, and the specific agreements in this contract govern the rights of the parties), simple creation, simple basic structure, simple management and apparent simplicity of tax matters, as they are usually not taken into account (unless they choose another tax treatment) either for tax purposes (Llc with a member) or as companies Of people (LLC with several members) are taxed with the pass-through treatment of profits and losses. But that`s where the simplicity can stop. What classes of interest in membership do you and your co-founders have? Interests that do not have the right to vote? Common interests? Privileged interests? Changeable interests? Profit interest? LLCs can have a number of capital structures, so this section is determined based on how you and your co-founders decided to structure your startup. «At least the company agreement must be in writing, each member must sign it, [and] the interests, contributions and responsibilities of the members must be well defined and the management structure explained,» Bullard wrote. «Companies registered as LLCs typically need to establish a company agreement,» added Deborah Sweeney, CEO of MyCorporation. Even if your state doesn`t require anyone, she said, a written agreement allows you to manage your LLC the way you want. . . .